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Abortion Debate Facts - 2 sides


There are two major sides to every argument, and when we are speaking about abortion debate facts, it is no different. Pro-Choice is a term used for people who are essentially pro-abortion. There are several levels of Pro-Choice activism, including those individuals who would not choose to have an abortion themselves, but do think that the expectant mom has a right to choose what happens to her own body. The number one question that Pro-Choice advocates address is the question of women’s rights. They believe that a woman has the right to decide whether or not she gives birth. Pro-Choice advocates are in favour or abortion being available on demand, and usually, at any time during the pregnancy. This is especially true when it comes to therapeutic abortion, or abortion in cases of incest or rape.

Pro-Life is a term used to describe those individuals who are basically against abortion. When talking abortion debate facts, it is very important to remember that there are several levels to this side as well. Some individuals may consider themselves Pro-Life even if they are in favour of certain types of abortion: for example, therapeutic abortion or abortion in cases of incest or rape. These individuals do not believe that abortion should be available on demand, but would protect the mother’s physical and mental health. The main question Pro-Life advocates are concerned with is “what are the rights of the unborn baby?” This leave a big gap for interpretation, depending on when one believes that life begins. The majority of Pro-Lifers believe that life starts at conception and therefore no type of abortion should be allowed. Several Pro-Lifers believe that religion plays greatly into the realm of abortion debate facts. For example, Today's Christians believe the Bible says that God know a person’s soul even before they are born. They think that if God knows a soul, that soul is a human being, and God dictates in the Bible that nobody should not kill each other; therefore, abortion is murder.

Aside from the question of rights, there are some other abortion debate facts that should be discussed. For example, even when abortion was illegal in the United States of America – before the Supreme Court decision Roe versus Wade which essentially made abortion legal – women still seek out abortions. Since the procedures were not legal, they were not regulated by the government or the medical community. This posed a big problem for the women seeking abortions. They had to look to what are commonly deemed as dangerous “back-alley abortionists”. This term refers to people not medically licensed who practices abortion procedures in an unsafe environment. This is extremely dangerous, and several women died before abortion was regulated.

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