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The Best Time in Not Getting Pregnant - A Woman’s Guide


Surfing the internet for the best time in not getting pregnant yields some pretty interesting results. Apparently not much has been written about that subject. On the subject of the best time to get pregnant, there is plenty of information, in the reverse, not so much. Despite several websites ignoring this fact of life, there are certain times when pregnancy is less likely. If you are trying to avoid becoming pregnant at this particular stage of your life, it is important to be aware of when to avoid having intercourse.

Just in the cases of trying to get pregnant, knowing the best time in not getting pregnant is directly related to how well you own know your body and its cycles. Many women ovulate roughly fourteen days before their period starts. If you are trying to not have a baby, this the time to avoid any unprotected sexual contact. Seriously, print that in big neon red letters. Other ovulation indicators like cervical mucus and basal temperature will help pinpoint when to ignore that loving feeling.

Another best time in not getting pregnant is immediately after the birth of a child. It is true most brand new mothers are not exactly all gung ho to jump back into that part of their lives, but it does happen. The reason pregnancy should be avoided at this point is just a matter of survival. The body, mind, and emotions need to time to heal and get back to normal before putting yourself through another pregnancy, as wonderful and exciting as it is. Besides most couples enjoy having some two on one quality time with the first baby before adding another one.

In the midst of life altering events is the best time in not getting pregnant. If you are getting ready to graduate from college, just landed that amazing promotion at your job, or having marital problems, the time is probably not right for pregnancy. Stress and strain is difficult on both mother and child. It may be a better idea to wait for things to settle down before getting pregnant. Besides all of that, conception is more difficult to attain when the body is under high levels of stress.

Every individuals needs to decide when the right time is to start a family. Every woman who wants to become a mother is the best person to decide when she is ready for family life. The best time in not getting pregnant is a personal choice every couple should make together. Until the time is right, take the precautions necessary to plan your family your way.

Christine P Gray is a recognized authority on the subject of pregnancy. Her website Pregnancy Exposed provides a wealth of informative articles and resources on everything you will need to know about getting pregnant. All rights reserved. Articles may be reprinted as long as the content and links remains intact and unchanged.

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